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Stanabol Inject

  • Stanabol Inject
    Name Stanabol Inject
    Price 35.00 €
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    Manufacturer British Dragon, Thailand
    Volume 10 ampoules


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    Substantion: Stanozolol

    Manufacturer: British Dragon Pharmaceuticals

    Pack: 10 ampoules 50mg/ml

    Active Life: around 48 hours

    Drug Class: Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid (for injection or oral)

    Average Dose: Men 50-100 mg/day.....Women 25-50 mg/week

    Acne: Rare

    Water Retention: Rare

    High Blood Pressure: Rare

    Liver Toxic: Yes, it is a 17AA steroid

    Aromatization: No, it is a DHT derivative

    DHT Conversion: None

    Decrease HPTA function: Low

    Stanozolol is a17-alpha-alkylated anabolic steroid with good oral bioavailability. While stanazolol’s androgenic activity index of stanozolol is nearly the same as testosterone, its myotrophic activity is much higher at 2.0–3.7. Stanozolol does not aromatize and does not cause water retention.

    Stanozolol has been used for weight loss management in HIV patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and has showed significant improvement in weight, body mass index, LBM, and muscle size. Stanozolol has been shown in vitro to significantly enhance collagen synthesis. A positive effect of stanazolol on wound healing in patients with non-healing wounds has also been demonstrated. Clinical studies show that the treatment with stanozolol during the induction phase of chemotherapy results in a positive effect on the duration of cancer-free remission.

    Dosage and administration:

    The daily adult is 2 mg to 12 mg per day .

    Adverse reactions:

    As with all 17-alpha-alkylated oral steroids, stanazolol has some liver toxicity especially with increases in daily dose and therapy duration. But long-term study of patients treated with stanozolol and followed for 15–47 months did not show any harmful effect on the liver.

    Stanozolol has negative effect on cholesterol profile rise in LDL and decrease in HDL. 6 weeks oral stanozolol at a dose of 6 mg/day resulted in a more adverse lipid profile than an IM injection of of 200 mg/wk testosterone. During stanozolol treatment, HDL level can be decrease as much as 30-40%.


    Low level of HDL, pregnancy, breast feeding.